Name/ Age
Blake Jordan @blakedoesscoot/ 17

Hazel Park, Michigan

How long have you been riding? How’d you get into it?
I have been riding for about 5 years and my friend told me about scootering so i decided to try it out.

Do you have any sponsors currently?
I currently have no sponsors but i am hoping to have some in the future.

What’s your favorite smell?
I love the smell of tacos.

What’s your favorite skatepark?
My favorite skatepark is Modern Skatepark in Royal Oak, Michigan.

What rider do you look up to the most?
I look up to the rider that goes by the name of @Saundezy.

How often do you wash your jeans?
I wash my jeans 2 times a week.

Best personal trick?
Best personal trick is a 180 barspin.

What do you want to land by the end of the year?
By the end of the year i would like to learn lipslide to barspin out.

What’s your favorite band or rapper to ride to?
My favorite band/rapper to listen to while riding is @xxxtentacion.

What’s your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is a sloth because they move slow and they are chill.